Best Colleges in Germany for American Students

Planning Your Studies in Germany

Are you an ambitious student from the US who is considering options to study abroad and Germany has caught your attention? However, you have no or little idea as to what are the best colleges in Germany for American students.
Over 370,000 current international students in Germany, including over 6,800 American students can relate to your situation right now.
To help you answer that question below we give you a list of top ten German universities for American students.
But before moving into our topic, let us provide you with a small note about the methodology we used. There are over than a hundred accredited universities in Germany and to come up with a list of ten we had to rely on some factors. Mainly we focused on university rankings, their international student population (particularly those from the US), affordable international fees and degrees taught in English.
Here are the best colleges in Germany for American students:
Technical University of Munich
Surely, the Technical University of Munich could not miss in this list. To the people of the state of Bavaria, this institution has historically been more than a university, but a supplier to its modern industrial age. Shortly referred to as TUM, this amazing institution is considered one of the best in Germany and by no doubt one of the best in the world.
No matter what area you’re interested to study, you will certainly find a course that will match your personal preferences. If the academic German language seems particularly difficult for you, then there are a lot of degrees taught in English. And the best thing of all is that you’ll get to pay much lower than you would in the US colleges.
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University is valued as one of the best research and education center in this area. Their academic excellence has gained attention from many talented students all over the world, including US students.
At this amazing college, you’ll have unlimited options for your studies because their course scheme covers almost every study discipline and subject. Many of degrees and study programs offered here are taught in English to help you measure up to academic demands since day one.
Your studying experience in a wonderful European city like Munich, along with other thousand international students, will help you get a different perspective over your professional and personal matters. The icing cake of all this is that you will afford the cost of studying at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich with ease.
University of Heidelberg
Founded in 1386, the University of Heidelberg is the oldest in Germany. Ever since its foundation, this university has produced outstanding individuals in different study areas. Today it ranks among the best universities in Germany and it attracts a large number of international students. Based on official data, over 5,400 students or 18% of the entire student population at the University of Heidelberg are foreigners. In accordance with their international outlook, the university provides numerous degrees taught in English. On top of that, international fees applied here are easy to afford for US students.
Free University of Berlin
One of the eleventh universities of Excellence in Germany, the Free University of Berlin is definitely one of the best in Germany. What differentiates this university with the rest is a strong international cooperation in higher education. The university maintains an extensive network of offices abroad, including the one in New York. No wonder why many international students, including the US students, aim to go to this fantastic university.
The wide variety of degrees offered here are an assurance you’ll find something that will suit your personal academic goals. Another good thing about this college is that there are many courses taught in English, so you won’t have to spend time and money attending intensive German language courses.
Most importantly, in contrast to US colleges where you’ll need to pay a ton of money for your education the cost of studying at the Free University of Berlin is very affordable. Currently, all international students are charged no tuition fees, but you will still have to pay the “semester contribution” which is around 310 per semester.
University of Freiburg
Study programs at the University of Freiburg cover a broad array of study disciplines including humanities, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law and technology. Alongside a top quality education, you’re also going to receive a unique international experience because foreign students share a significant proportion of enrolled students at this university.
Among plenty of study programs offered at the University of Freiburg, many of them are taught in English. This will enable you to catch the pace of the curriculum of your studies in no time.
The University of Freiburg is among German higher education providers that have reintroduced tuition fees. However, the cost of studying at this college remains low compared to thousands of dollars you would have to pay in the US. Semester fees at the University of Freiburg amount to 1,500 per semester at maximum plus the “semester contribution” which is around €150.
RWTH Achen University
RWTH Aachen University is by no doubt one of the best colleges in Germany. If you decide to study at this amazing university you can choose from a wide variety of study programs. In many of them, English is the language of instruction so you won’t have to spend money and time undertaking a German language course.
Also, international students here pay no tuition fees. The only cost you will have to cover will be administrative costs, which will account for just a few hundred euros. And surely studying abroad in Germany is not all about getting your degree. The beautiful city of Aachen has a lot to offer and you’re going to enjoy your time there.
Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH and the University of Karlsruhe united in a single unity which is today known as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2009 under the mission of becoming a top-ranked university. Until now they have been extremely successful in reaching their goals as KIT is found alongside the best German colleges.
In the past year, the university has also gained a strong position in the international market, attracting thousands of international students each year. This is mainly due to top quality education, English-taught degrees and affordable costs.
University of Bonn
The University of Bonn prides itself as one of the best colleges in Germany and their reputation has long exceeded national borders. Out of the total of 34,000 students attending this amazing university, around 4,000 of them are international students coming from over 125 different countries of the world.
The university offers a large number of international programs and many of them are taught in English. The cost of living in Bonn is easy to afford compared to most big cities in Germany, let alone those in the US. In the end, your degree in Bonn will help you land a good job and initiate a successful career be it in the US or elsewhere.
University of Stuttgart
More than 26,000 students are shared between ten faculties that consist of the famous University of Stuttgart. As a research-oriented university, study programs at this university are designed to provide you with a wide range of practical skills.
The University of Stuttgart is located in the state of Bade Wurttemberg, where tuition fees for international students are reintroduced. However, the cost of studying at this university will be very small compared to other countries. The range of international fees goes from 1,600 to 2,500 per academic year.
Universitat Hamburg
Universitat Hamburg identifies itself as the largest educational institution in Northern Germany. Over 170 degree programs are taught in its eight faculties accounting for a wide variety of study choices. Despite that it provides a globally recognized education, studying at the Universitat Hamburg comes at a low price. All you will need to pay are the administrative costs known as semester contribution which at maximum can reach €330.
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