The vehicles used by the President of the United States are not just ordinary cars; they are sophisticated machines equipped with state-of-the-art technology and extensive security features. Let’s delve into the types of vehicles typically used by the President and explore their unique characteristics.

The Presidential Limousine

The most iconic and heavily armored vehicle in the presidential motorcade is commonly referred to as “The Beast.” This Cadillac limousine is a symbol of presidential power and protection. Here’s what makes it special:

1. Armored Body:

The presidential limousine features armor plating to withstand various ballistic threats, including bullets, explosives, and chemical attacks. The vehicle’s doors are eight inches thick and weigh as much as a cabin door on a Boeing 757 aircraft.

2. Bulletproof Glass:

The windows of the limousine are made of ballistic glass that can withstand high-velocity impacts and provide additional protection to the occupants.

3. Secure Communication Systems:
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