Automated driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly popular in vehicles. These systems are designed to provide more convenience, safety, and comfort while behind the wheel. In addition, it can help you maintain a safer driving environment by monitoring your vehicle’s surroundings.

These systems use a combination of cameras, sensors, and radars help a vehicle sense what is happening around it and provide alerts to the driver about changes in driving conditions. This is important because it can reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Did you know that more than 60 million cars are equipped with ADAS, and the number is increasing every year? Another interesting fact is that more than one-third of these vehicles need re-calibration after some common repairs like wheel alignment or windshield replacement. But why is re-calibration of your ADAS system so important?

ADAS Can Help You Significantly Reduce the Number of Accidents on the

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Renault has teased its first Geely-based model, which will be produced in South Korea and use hybrid powertrains.

The French automaker has published a shadowy image of a rakish coupe crossover ahead of its 2024 introduction.

It says it’ll launch an all-new line-up of hybrid models in the D-segment “based on the latest Geely-Volvo technologies for both local and export markets starting 2024”.

Chinese carmaker Geely has a controlling interest in Volvo, its EV spinoff Polestar, LEVC (producer of London’s iconic black taxi cabs), Lotus, and Proton.

It acquired a third of Renault Korea Motors earlier this year and, though the latter will use underpinnings supplied by the former, the Franco-Korean division intends to invest more than €900 million (A$1.39bn) over the next six years.

This investment will focus on software, connectivity, electrification and “competitive localization”.

“This vehicle will be designed, developed & produced in South Korea,” said Renault

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