A speedometer sits at 0, with gradations up to 200 kmhSometimes the news isn’t new. A recent CNN report has drawn attention to a federal advisory board’s recommendation that the government encourage automakers to build cars that can’t speed. It’s true. But it’s also nothing new and, forgive us, not likely to go anywhere fast.

What Started This

This week, CNN aired a report suggesting that federal regulators want to encourage (but not mandate) automakers to build speed limiters into all new cars.

The City of New York recently purchased 50 new vehicles equipped with intelligent speed assistance technology. A system uses GPS technology to track where the cars are and limits acceleration so that they can’t exceed the speed limit for that area. A button on the dashboard lets city workers override it if they need to speed up to merge.

CNN’s report notes that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recommended that all cars adopt some form

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