Renault has teased its first Geely-based model, which will be produced in South Korea and use hybrid powertrains.

The French automaker has published a shadowy image of a rakish coupe crossover ahead of its 2024 introduction.

It says it’ll launch an all-new line-up of hybrid models in the D-segment “based on the latest Geely-Volvo technologies for both local and export markets starting 2024”.

Chinese carmaker Geely has a controlling interest in Volvo, its EV spinoff Polestar, LEVC (producer of London’s iconic black taxi cabs), Lotus, and Proton.

It acquired a third of Renault Korea Motors earlier this year and, though the latter will use underpinnings supplied by the former, the Franco-Korean division intends to invest more than €900 million (A$1.39bn) over the next six years.

This investment will focus on software, connectivity, electrification and “competitive localization”.

“This vehicle will be designed, developed & produced in South Korea,” said Renault

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