Brian England, Tues, Sept 20, 2022

You may have noticed that scheduling your vehicle for service has become harder. Auto Repair Shops are often booked two to three weeks out now. That’s quite a shift from pre-pandemic days when you could get your vehicle scheduled for service within a week. So, what’s changed? Actually, quite a lot and it isn’t just due to a labor shortage. Here are some of the reasons for the back log at BA Auto Care and other auto service centers:


1. Labor shortage is an issue, but it has been an issue for more than 20 years. It is getting worse in the auto repair industry, especially for qualified technicians. In the United States, we are short 50,000 auto technicians and that number is climbing. With that said, BA Auto Care has not changed the number of technicians we had on staff before or

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Searching through the listings at auction sites like Copart and IAA can be a great way to find crazy bargains, as long as you’re willing to put some elbow grease into repairing a vehicle. This 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena, though, will really put that willingness to the test.

Offered for sale by IAA, this V8-powered Ferrari is for sale in Florida, where it apparently went for a swim. The specific circumstances that led to it being underwater are not made clear—whether it was accidentally driven into a body of water or the victim of flooding is not stated—but that’s kind of academic.

One way or another, the 360 Modena did not enjoy its wet adventure and is now—to use a technical mechanics’ term—yucky. Photos of the Ferrari’s interior show that the seats, the center console, and the dash are covered in green mold, which in addition to being gross, …

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Car sharing parking lot

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Quick Facts

  • Car sharing apps provide a method for vehicle owners to make money through short-term rentals.
  • Renters can seek specific models to use for extended test drives before making a purchase online or at a dealership.
  • Hosts can offset their ownership expenses by car sharing; renters can enjoy desirable vehicles not otherwise available at traditional car rental companies.

Car sharing has become popular in recent years as a short-term rental solution. A car share service may be ideal for those who only need a vehicle for a few days or specific occasions. While you may consider a traditional rental company when you travel or need temporary wheels, it’s worth weighing all your options.

Vehicle owners should also consider the favorable benefits of car sharing. If you own a newer vehicle, understand that it’s an asset that costs you money every day. Loan payments, insurance, and depreciation

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BYD’s promised premium sub-brand has launched its first vehicle, the Yangwang U8, a rugged-looking SUV in the mould of the Land Rover Defender – but with four electric motors.

Reports from the launch in China today show an upright design with a blingy grille, headlights rather like a Nissan Patrol, squared-off wheel arches with sheet metal blistering, aerodynamic flush door handles, and a chunky D-pillar ahead of the tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

But rather than being mechanically like a Defender it’s more akin to the upcoming all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQG, though at a reported 5300mm it’s longer even than a GLS.

The new Yangwang U8 will reportedly use an in-house four-motor EV system, using four (IP68 sealed) electric motors to drive each wheel directly and a central control unit.

Such a system theoretically gives you much quicker and more precise torque allocation, and even the ability to pull off a 360-degree

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JPJ has announced that BRG and DER are the next number plate series to go up for bidding on its online auction platform, JPJ eBid.

Selangor’s latest running number series is ‘BRG’, and it was opened for tender yesterday, January 4. The bidding period on JPJeBid is five days, ending 10pm this Sunday, January 8. As usual, the results will be out the following day. The whole process is online now, as it has been for some time, and bidders will get the good (or bad) news via email.

Available soon on JPJ eBid is the Kelantan series ‘DER’. The bidding period starts on January 8 and will close at 10pm on January 12. Results will be out the day after the auction closes.

New car coming soon and want a nice number plate for the new ride? Why not DIY and skip the reseller’s markup and runner fees? If

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