German Language Course Visa

Planning Your Studies in Germany

You need a German language course visa if you’ve been confirmed as a participant in a non-academic German language course, lasting 3-12 months, covering at least 18 hours of lessons each week.
This course shouldn’t be predestined to prepare you for further university studies in Germany.
A German language course visa is valid initially for three months, with the possibility to be extended up to the course’s length. This visa isn’t meant to be changed into a visa for studies, so, you have to leave Germany as soon as you complete the course.
Documents required to apply for a German language course visa are:

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Two dully filled out and signed Schengen or German national visa (depending the course’s length).
Your valid national passport. It has to be issued in the recent 10 years, must have at least 2 blank pages, and 3 additional validity period beyond your planned date of return.
Two photocopies of the passport. Only of the photo, visa and stamp pages.
Three lately taken passport-size photographs.
Letter of consent of parents or legal guardian. (If you’re younger than 18). This must be accompanied by national passports of such parents or legal guardian.
Proof of eligibility to live in the foreign country. If you’re a foreign national in a country from where you’re applying.
Valid visa.
Residence permit.
Other as the case may be.
Motivational letter. In the letter you’ll have to explain why you’re interested in the course. Give details on how the knowledge and/or qualification you’ll receive by attending the course, can improve your career or education.
Your curriculum vitae. It must cover information on your academic/work activity together with academic and professional qualifications obtained.
Proof of intention to partake in German language course.
Letter of invitation from the course provider. It must show you’ve been confirmed as a participant and the detailed course program, including its costs. (Original and two photocopies).
Confirmed registration in the German language course.
Evidence of having paid course participation fee.
Proof of accommodation. (Original and two photocopies).
Rental contract. Or, an offer to rent an apartment.
Booked hotel/hostel reservation.
Letter of commitment from the organizer. If you’re attending an organized language course by your employer or a home country organization. The letter must show the address and contact details of your accommodation here. The organizer must show in written their commitment to cover costs of such accommodation.
Proof of financial means. (Any of the following documents).
Your bank statements of the latest 3 months.
Blocked account statement. In a German bank.
Scholarship awarding certificate “Stipendium”. It has to show the amount of costs it covers.
Letter of commitment signed by parents. Accompanied by evidence of their incomes and financial assets. Also, complemented by their national passports.
Letter of commitment by a German resident “Verpflichtungserklärung”. This letter has to be taken at the Alien’s Registration Office “Ausländerbehörde” by the German resident who’s going to cover your costs during your studies.
Covered travel health insurance. It must be valid for the entire period of your stay, since your arrival. (Original and two photocopies).

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