Jane Austin Talks Stunts and SAG-AFTRA

Guest Speakers President of SAG

Jane Austin shares her stunt performing experiences, building her career in entertainment and working with James Cameron on Avatar 2.
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Earth Day (Ahem, Earth Week)
Wednesday April 24, 2019

We’re doing a giveaway! Earth Day 2019 has passed, but we’re extending our earth-friendly efforts all week long. On Monday, we held an Earth Day event on campus to encourage the LAFS community to clean up Hollywood. Thank you to all of those who participated and showed their support for our planet. While there are […]

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Curious about the stunt industry? Visit Jane Austin’s website Hollywood Stuntworks.
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International Schools in Germany
Wednesday May 08, 2019

More often than not international schools are a better choice for expats compared to state schools because they offer several advantages. Besides that teaching is of high standards, international schools offer your kids a unique international experience. If you’re an expat who has just landed Germany or you’re planning to do so in the near […]

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