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Tipping in Germany
Posted on Wednesday December 05, 2018

When settling in a new place it’s always important to know the customs and social norms part of that particular society. This way you learn to act properly in public places and avoid being perceived as rude or impolite. One of these social traits is tipping which although may seem a minor issue, it really […]

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German Abitur
Posted on Wednesday December 05, 2018

Applying for an academic study program in Germany involves, before all, satisfying Germany’s higher education entrance qualification requirement, known as “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” (HZB). HZB largely refers to a German “Abitur” and accompanying education certificates showing your earlier education. What Is the German Abitur? “The Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife” usually referred as “Abitur” or as “Abiturzeugnis” is […]

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Internship in Germany
Posted on Friday November 30, 2018

Your university degree in Germany may contain plenty of lab-based sessions to give you a sense of job-oriented skills, but nothing won’t equal then an experience in a real job environment. This is why potential employers, scope for those candidates who have a relevant experience in their study fields to be guaranteed that these individuals […]

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Fixing pending comments issue
Posted on Wednesday November 28, 2018

WordPress comments are very reliable and it is very rare that you’ll ever see this issue on your site. But just like with all technology, things sometimes fail and then you need to debug and correct them. I searched internet and found nothing. Hopefully, some of you will find this post useful. So, one day […]

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Intro To Unity ECS
Posted on Wednesday November 21, 2018

Unity’s ECS architecture is nearing its official release, and I am getting more and more excited for it. After a brief introduction, we’ll spend some time digging in and experimenting. By the end you should have an elementary grasp of Entities, Components and Systems within this new architecture. What is Unity’s ECS ECS stands for […]

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How to display all features in JetPack plugin
Posted on Thursday March 14, 2019

Although Jetpack is an amazing plugin with a huge list of features categorised into categories, sometimes it is very time consuming to find a particular feature in JetPack’s standard set of categories. Sometimes you just can not find the feature that you’re looking for. You may also want to check what new feature has been […]

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The Ultimate Résumé Booster: A Peek Inside the 2019 Lumiere Awards
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2019

A production crew made up entirely of LAFS students and graduates get their first big Hollywood moment In January, during the height of awards season, a team of 7 students and graduates were at the helm of production for the Advanced Imaging Society’s (AIS) 2019 Lumiere Awards Ceremony. Every year, AIS honors immersive storytellers in […]

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5 Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany
Posted on Thursday March 07, 2019

The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable. But to you as a student every single cent matters and it is normal if you aim to save as much as you can. To a large extent, the place you choose to reside in Germany will indicate a large part of your spendings, thus it […]

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Posted on Friday March 01, 2019

I often resort to placeholder assets when putting together prototype projects. Unity’s built-in selection of primitive shapes like the Cube, Quad, Sphere and Capsule are very useful toward that purpose. More often that not, any other assets you work with will be created externally and then imported into Unity. This is especially true with something […]

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