These Icy Winter Weather Accidents Are Sliding Into Your Feed

In the battle between ice and cars, the ice has yet to lose

by Stephen Rivers

December 27, 2022 at 20:06

 These Icy Winter Weather Accidents Are Sliding Into Your Feed

by Stephen Rivers

Winter weather brings freezing temperatures to much of the nation and in the process, the roads get icy. Sadly, even some of the most off-road capable vehicles struggle in such conditions and so it’s no surprise that everyday drivers are having trouble too. Here are a few of the slowest accidents you’ll see slide into your feed all day.

Tesla Smacks Into A Police Car

In the Pacific Northwest, one Tesla driver found out that no amount of steering input could ultimately save them from hitting a parked police SUV. In the short film below, we see how the car is completely stationary before the front wheels gain just enough traction to get the car headed downhill and into an intercept course with the Ford Explorer.

Despite getting just enough traction to avoid a head-on accident, the back of the Tesla ends up smacking the SUV. Perhaps by an automatic trigger, the police lights start up almost immediately. As if somehow that SUV has enough traction to go hunt down the sliding Tesla which exits stage left as we hear what sounds like another collision.

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Next up, we have a video from Seattle where we see a Nissan Versa, a Subaru Crosstrek, and a Toyota Corolla all struggle to maintain grip as they descend an icy hill. All three end up hitting separate parked vehicles as the film continues.

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A third video shows what looks like a Toyota Highlander, a vehicle usually considered to be decent off-road sliding down a hill and narrowly missing a Porsche 911. What it doesn’t miss is a Toyota Rav4 just past the Porsche. It might also have clipped a 4Runner behind the Rav4.

Finally, one person in a Lexus GX 460, an SUV that we’re quite impressed with off-road manages to lose to the ice as well. After losing traction as it attempts to crest a hill, it slides across the lane into oncoming traffic and then back into another SUV. Thankfully, its 4WD system kept it from drifting back so fast that it caused major damage.

The overarching theme here seems to be that if you can avoid traveling in such conditions, it’s probably the wise choice. If you can’t avoid it, maybe avoid hills unless it’s a life-or-death situation. Even the best-equipped vehicles can’t always manage them when the ice is hard enough.

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