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There is nothing more alarming than one of your vehicle’s tires blowing out when you are on the road. It is dangerous to you, the people in your vehicle, and everyone around you. A blown tire can easily cause an accident, which could be much worse if the blown tire is on a truck. 

What Causes a Tire Blow Out?

Most truck accident attorneys will tell you that there are seven common causes of tire blowouts.

1. Over-inflation and Under-inflation

Over-inflated tires are often uneven. When a tire is over-inflated, it may wear down faster than it would if it had the appropriate amount of air. When tires wear down, it can cause a blowout to happen.

Under-inflated tires can become overheated easily, which can cause a blowout. The tire pressure monitoring system in the vehicle should tell the driver if their tires are properly inflated.

2. Worn Out Tires 

Although it is expensive, it is important to change your tires as often as your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. If you do not, your tires will become worn down and uneven. Air pressure in tires must expand and contract in concert with the temperature of the road. If a tire cannot do this, it will blow out. 

3. Objects in the Road

There are several different tiny objects on the highways of America. People throw things out of car windows, and the wind carries quite a bit of debris. Discarded objects and broken glass from a previous car accident can puncture your tires, causing an immediate blowout. It can also cause your tires to become worn down over time.

4. Manufacture Defects

Sometimes tire problems have nothing to do with how you maintain your vehicle. There are tires out there that are simply not made very well. If a manufacturer makes a defective tire, it may have a flaw that can cause a blowout.  If a tire has a design flaw, it may be grounds for a class action lawsuit. You would need to speak to a lawyer, who could research whether or not other people have experienced the same problem.

5. Damaged Roads

Depending on where you live, damaged roads can be a major cause of tire blowouts. The more potholes you have in your area, the more likely you are to experience a blowout. Potholes tend to occur in places with four seasons where the weather gets very cold, cracking the pavement, and creating potholes. If damaged roads cause you to have an accident, you may be able to sue the city or the municipality where the accident happened.

6. Heavy Loads

You should always remember that each vehicle has a limit on what it can carry. If you have a lot of heavy stuff, or if you attempt to use your car to move from one apartment to another, you may experience a blowout.

What Happens During a Blow-out?

The faster a car is traveling when a blow-out occurs, the more likely there is to be an accident. An accident at high speed will usually be very severe, and you are likely to lose control of your car after a blowout. You may rear-end someone or you may even cut across several lines of traffic.

Injuries caused by a blow-out may include fractures, whiplash, and head and spinal cord injuries. A blown tire can even cause death.

How To Avoid Injury

Although it is counterintuitive, it is never a good idea to slam on the brakes during an accident. Lighten up on the accelerator and you will eventually come to a stop. You should keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Blowout accidents can be terrifying, so be sure to keep your car well-maintained. If you are in an accident, remember to contact the police, wait for them to arrive, and document your injuries thoroughly.

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