9 Best OBD2 ELM327 Apps for Android and iPhone 2022 [Review]

Many readers have been texting asking me to test and recommend the best OBD2 ELM327 app to them.

After using and testing 58 popular OBD2 ELM327 apps for Android and/or iPhone in the market, (The tests lasted from August 2021 to September 2022.)

Today, I will show you a list of the top 9 choices in the market that are divided into 2 groups.

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Best OBD2 ELM327 Apps For Android (5 choices)

Best OBD2 ELM327 Apps For iPhone (4 choices)

Let’s get started.

Best OBD2 ELM327 Apps For Android

#1. Torque Pro – Best Overall ELM327 App for Android

Price: $4.99

Download: Torque Pro

Overall Rating:

User-friendly Interface 4.7/5
Value For Money 4.9/5
Performance on Android 4.7/5
Phone Battery Optimization 3.9/5


  • Competitive price at only $5
  • No ads at the bottom
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Various enhanced functions
  • Frequent updates for bug fixes and functionality


  • Phone battery drain
  • Not for iOS

What Makes Me Like Torque Pro?

Torque Pro is a must-have app for you if you are a car owner and enthusiast.

Read on to find out why I said: “Torque Pro is the best OBD2 app for Android”. 

And you can’t help but think: “I should have known about this awesome app sooner!”

Note: It is optimized to work on Android only.

1. The power of Torque Pro is in its enhanced functions

The Torque Lite is good. 

But it is a really old version. 

It lacks support for some measurement tools and manufacturing codes, etc.

With the Pro version, you can get lots of extra enhanced diagnostics available even for:

  • Chevrolet, 
  • Ford
  • Nissan, 
  • Kia, and 
  • Toyota. 

This allows you to scan and clear ABS, Air Bag, and Body Control module codes on most cars you want to.

My point is to use the free app first to ensure everything works. 

Then you can unlock the Pro version to get the newest updates for new functionality and bug fixes

Important Note:

  • You have 2 hours to try the paid version to request an easy refund. 
  • Torque Pro doesn’t support iOS. iPhone users should buy OBD Fusion instead.

Therefore, just buy the app when you have time to test it with your vehicle.

Bonus: Torque Pro Vs. Torque Lite: Which App Suits Me?

2. Torque Pro is a must-have friend for long journeys.

Torque Pro is a reliable and invaluable resource to keep your cars safe on the road. 


Torque Pro enables you to set warning alarms and visual prompts when things such as:

  • temperature, 
  • RPM, 
  • voltage, etc. go out of spec. 

Last year, this app saved my Jeep. 

I was driving down the highway at the time, and the temperature gauge on the dash was rising. 

I didn’t even notice it. 

Fortunately, the dial on the app screen began flashing, capturing my attention. 

I’ve been using Torque Pro 43 times on many customer vehicles in my shop.

It always pulls the same OBD2 codes as a much more expensive scanner (like Autel MK808) does.

This $5 app is well worth the money because it will tell you why your car has a red warning light without requiring you to visit a mechanic.

3. Made for beginners

The trouble codes given by the Torque Pro app come with a clear explanation

It means the code itself provides all the information you need, such as what the code means. 

It’s convenient as you quickly find the cause of your car problem without searching for code definitions online.

What I Dislike?

My only complaint is that the GPS and Bluetooth are always on.

This background setup provides automatically connected and real-time information whenever you need it.

To avoid battery drain on your smartphone, you should turn off the GPS and Bluetooth on your phone after use.

Recommended Adapter

BAFX for Android is the best option if you’re looking for a low-cost OBD2 code reader to connect to Torque Pro. 

This combination is the most worthwhile investment I’ve ever found. 

Check the latest price of BAFX for Android now:

BAFX for Android

Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway: 

Torque Pro is the best overall ELM327 app for Android devices.

It works excellently when paired with BAFX for Android.

#2. OBDLink – Best FREE OBD2 App for Android

Price: Free (included when buying OBDLink MX+)

Download: OBDLink

Overall Rating:

Performance on Android 4.8/5
Vehicle Coverage 4.6/5
User-friendly Interface 4.7/5
Data Storage Capacity 3.8/5


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to set up and connect
  • Cover many functions without extra fee (on OBDLink MX+)
  • Frequent updates for bug fixes and functionality
  • Can record the map session
  • No ads


  • Can’t retrieve codes after you leave the vehicle
  • Small font size

What Makes Me Like OBDLink?

This app is included for free in the OBDLink MX+ pack, which costs me around $130.

After playing around with it 37 times, I’ve got it to do almost everything I want.

To me, OBDLink is the best free app for Android when combined with its official adapter, the OBDLink MX+.

Read on to find out why I like this app:

1. Unlimited enhanced diagnostics

With the combination of an MX+ scanner, this app does everything I need it to do and more.

Let me tell you how versatile this app can be.

It’s a very handy app. 

Once the Bluetooth connection is paired, I can plug the scan tool into almost any car with an OBD2 port. 

It automatically switches between different car models to get codes or whatever other information I want.

E.g., I used this app and OBDLink MX+ on an old 1997 Honda Civic

It’s a customer vehicle in my shop. 

Her car kept displaying the P1129 trouble code (MAP Sensor and MAF sensor code). 

OBDLink app helped me identify that the throttle position percentage was too high

After finding the culprit, I changed the TPS, and the problem was solved.

The app has saved me a lot of time and money knowing what exactly to repair!

I also get free access to advanced diagnostics for most cars and models when I buy OBBLink MX+. 

It’s awesome as I can read and clear codes on transmission, ABS, and SRS systems. 

In my experience, this app even provides more accurate results than some other expensive scanners.

2. I love the customizable dashboards.

OBDLink app has an excellent phone interface. 

It is simple to use and navigate

I can select the PIDs that I want to see. 

The app’s ability to shape displays allows me to choose whatever data display I prefer.

Moreover, I can rotate the phone’s screen from vertical to horizontal whenever I want to read everything clearly.

The dashboard displays responses instantly, with no noticeable lag.

In fact, there is a millisecond delay between the OBDLink MX+ and the dash gauges. But it’s negligible. 

That is most likely due to the Bluetooth connection, not the app’s fault.

Another plus is that there are no annoying advertisements.

As a 14-year automotive mechanic, OBDLink is one of the best FREE Android apps I’ve used.

3. I love how flawlessly and safely it works

Whereas other dongles and apps can cause problems in my cars (ECU overheating, fast battery drain, etc.), the OBDLink app and OBDLink MX+ adapter are faultless.

They cost a bit more, but they work well and will auto shut off when the car turns off

Thus, I can leave them in the vehicle without worrying about unexpected incidents.

OBDLink also releases firmware updates 2-3 times a year to fix bugs and keep everything running smoothly. 

Firmware updates from manufacturers can sometimes include new features as well.

4. I don’t have to worry about connection lost

OBDLink app is a vastly superior product.

The app connects reliably and stably to the OBDLink adapter.

It’s not like non-brand cheapy dongles that tend to be hit or miss with stability during my data reading. 

I bought and tested a $10 non-brand Bluetooth adapter in December 2021. 

And I used it to perform basic diagnostics such as reading and clearing CEL codes. 

But when I tried to do anything remotely from the car, it failed.

I believe that stable Bluetooth connectivity sets OBDLink apart from other unreliable scan tools on the market.

Note: Please keep in mind that this app will NOT function with any other brand of OBD2 Bluetooth adapter.

What I Dislike?

1. Made for OBDLink MX+ only

If you own many vehicles, charging per vehicle for enhanced add-ons is not a good idea.

OBDLink is a great app. 

But if you pair it with other OBD adapters, you have to pay $14.99 for enhanced diagnostics on some late-model Ford and GM vehicles (except for OBDLink MX+). 

For example: 

If you have a 2007 Toyota and you want to check the real-time A/T oil temperature, you must first pay $14.99 to buy the add-on and use that function. 

You might think it would at least have enhanced diagnostics for your first vehicle. 

But no, you have to charge more for ‘enhanced” diagnostics for most Ford and Toyota cars, even the first.

But luckily, the OBDLink scan tool I bought is OBDLink MX+. 

The story is different here.

The OBDLink MX+ is the only OBDLink scanner that includes free downloads of all the various packages for specific makes and models of cars. 

Thus, I don’t have to pay any fee for in-app add-ons.

If you have more than 1 car and do not want to pay for add-ons, consider buying OBDLink MX+

The initial cost of around $130 may not be cheap, but this fits the bill nicely.

2. No playback for previously logged data

The second thing I wish it could do is playback previously logged data. 

OBDLink doesn’t support the function to retrieve codes after I unplug the adapter from the vehicle. 

I hope this function will be available soon so that I can replay and analyze the scan results whenever I want.

Recommended Adapter

Out of the 58 OBD2 ELM327 apps I’ve tried so far, the combination of OBDLink MX+ and OBDLink app is by far the fastest and most useful one I’ve found.

As I mentioned before, the enhanced diagnostics will cost you nearly $15 for most Ford and Toyota models.

But when you buy OBDLink MX+ you will get free add-ons (in the OBDLink app) for any car model you want.

Check the latest price of OBDLink MX+ now:


Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

OBDLink is the best Free OBD2 app for Android (with free lifetime updates).

It is provided free when you buy the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth OBD2 adapter.

#3. Smart Control OBD – Best ELM327 App for Android with Excellent Tech Support


  • Smart Control OBD Lite: Free
  • Smart Control Premium OBD ELM: $3.49

Download: Smart Control OBD

Overall Rating:

Usefulness 4.6/5
Tech Support 4.7/5
User-friendly Interface 4.6/5
Icon Display 3.9/5


  • Easy to use
  • Great tech support
  • Precise information
  • Useful voice message


  • Android devices only
  • Constant icon on the phone screen

What Makes Me Like Smart Control OBD?

Smart Control OBD was released in 2014 and soon built a good reputation on the market. 

They offer two versions. 

The free version is also known as Smart Control OBD Lite, and the other is Smart Control Premium OBD ELM. 

For the lite version, you can: 

  • Register three refueling
  • See the last three moves
  • See the performance of the last three moves
  • See the messages of the last three moves

For the premium version, you have to pay around $4 to unlock all features. 

Still reasonable compared to what it can offer.

I’d love to recommend this if you are a DIY-er who loves fixing cars with Bluetooth/Wifi adapters accompanying supported apps. 

And here are the reasons:

1. You will feel more active with the colorful interface

When first using this app, I bet you will get impressed by how colorful the app’s interface is. 

The developer also put icons to show the meaning of each item

But, as a mechanic, I’m more into simple styles like Car Scanner ELM OBD2 or BlueDriver. 

Yet, the interface and the whole icons are still good at conveying messages to users, especially newbies. 

2. Prevent your car from serious problems

With this app, you can take action whenever problems arise before they become more serious. 

This is because you can receive more helpful information. 

They include power acceleration measurement, DPF-related information, and many other data. 

For example, a client once took his 2012 Mazda 3 diesel to my shop. 

His car got stuck in limp mode all the time. 

Fixing cars for years, I was sure a faulty DPF system caused the problem.

Thus, I used this app (the premium version) to view DPF soot accumulation. 

And yes, my gut did not lie to me. 

After replacing the DPF, I got him covered.

3. Vocal notifications

I also love that the app allows me to receive notifications in vocal messages by automatically activating speakers on my phone. 

These messages might be your car’s fuel consumption, the start & end of the trip, or the speed limit alert by a custom message. 

Thus, you just need to listen to what’s going on in your car and enjoy the drive. No more observing all the data on your phone and looking at the road at the same time.

It’s like a breakthrough.

4. Tech support team is always beside you

I appreciate Tech support’s polite manner and thoughtful customer service. 

They always try to answer as many as their customer’s queries to offer indeed support, especially on the Google Play platform. 

Furthermore, they created a community group on Facebook for Smart Control users’ convenience. 

In that group, you can share your experience working on the app or just put any problems to get help from others and the developer. 

What I Dislike?

1. For Android fans only

Smart Control OBD is available for Android devices only, it’s such a disadvantage for iPhone users. 

Luckily, it works like a charm whenever the app pairs with Android phones.

I am still waiting for the iOS version. 

2. Annoying constant icon in the notification bar

A little annoying thing I want to mention is that I can’t get rid of the constant icon in my notification bar. 

The point is it seems to signal nothing. 

Fortunately, the app doesn’t draw my phone battery while displaying the icon. 

I hope the developer will improve it someday soon.


  • Your Android phone versions need to be 4.3 and up.
  • If you have difficulty connecting the app with your vehicle, you can email them at [email protected] 

You might get the latest beta version of 4.1.19-beta.3 tests from them. I hope it can fix your problem. 

  • If the app keeps closing and does not allow you to get access, try clearing the app data and cache. 

Recommended Adapter

To work on your car well, Smart Control OBD must be paired with an ELM327 Bluetooth or Wifi OBD2 adapter.

From my first-hand experience, Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 is the best pair for this app. They are combined perfectly as an assistant for you. 

Vgate iCar Pro is around $35, meaning that for this excellent combo, you only need to spend less than $40 in total. 

Check the latest price of Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 now:

Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0

Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

Smart Control OBD is the best ELM327 app for Android with excellent Tech Support.

The best OBD2 adapter to work with this app is the Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0.

#4. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 – Best ELM327 App with Great Vehicle Coverage  


  • Car Scanner ELM OBD2: Free
  • Car Scanner ELM OBD2 Pro: $4

Download: Car Scanner ELM OBD2

Overall Rating:

Vehicle Coverage 4.7/5
Performance on Android 4.7/5
User-friendly Interface 4.6/5
Indeed Feature 3.9/5


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate data given
  • Wide vehicle coverage


  • Cannot input data
  • Phone battery drain

What Makes Me Like Car Scanner ELM OBD2?

I tested the Car Scanner ELM OBD2 app when I helped my cousin – a young boy, fix his car in November 2021. 

And here is how I like this OBD2 app:

1. I love that the app’s interface is user-friendly and simple

I have no difficulty in following all the data given. 

This is thanks to its default white background and black characters, which is good for your eyes. 

2. You can also totally customize the dashboard modes as you want

For instance, you can change the color of the app’s background and the characters of your favorite. 

Or, changing the units from Celcius to Fahrenheit is much easier, this is the thing you cannot find in the Torque Lite app.

3. Its connection to your phone is extremely firm with accurate information

For example, when pairing with my cousin’s 2020 Toyota Venza, the app connected to his Samsung immediately. 

It also provided us with PIDs from individual wheel speeds and other information related to ABS/VSC. 

And of course, they were all correct as I checked before that by BlueDriver

4. One more thing I would love to mention is its wide vehicle coverage

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 app can work well on all OBDII-compliant cars. 

Moreover, this app also supports some other cars that are not OBDII.

For example, it is compatible with some old JDM Toyota cars with JOBD, Nissan cars with Nissan Consult II protocol, etc.

5. My cousin and I were also impressed by the fact that this is a free version

When I knew he downloaded it on the Play Store without any charge, I was amazed at how it could offer us and asked for nothing. 

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 does offer a paid version which costs you only $4 for a one-time payment. 

With this version, you can unlock other hidden features like getting ATF temperature or recording all the data given. 

And unlike the free version, there are no ads during working with the app. 

However, you can use the free version with some short ads or pay a few more bucks to unlock all features.

It’s just a no-brainer.

What I Dislike?

1. The app developer missed the data import feature

It means that when you change your phone, there’s no way to import the previous data into your new phone. 

In other words, you have to spend minutes to hours reconfiguring the gauges.

2. Smartphone battery drain

One thing worth mentioning is that this app can lead to your phone battery drain even when you close the app. 

If this is your case, no worries, after closing the app, leave it and do nothing if your phone gets slowly warmer. It will get back to normal soon.


  • Car Scanner ELM OBD2 can pair with both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Your Android phone versions need to be 5.0 and up.
  • It does not support the function of forcing a DPF burn.
  • Adapter standard: adapter-based ELM327 chip with version 1.4 or 2.1.

Recommended Adapter

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is compatible with Wifi or Bluetooth OBD2 ELM327 adapter. Therefore, this app’s got broad scanner compatibility. 

However, you need to pick a suitable adapter to work to its fullest potential

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ is my recommendation for you.

Based on what the OBDCheck BLE+ and Car Scanner ELM OBD2 have done for me, I bet that they will fulfill your search for a great Bluetooth OBDII scan tool. 

Check the latest price of Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ now:

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+

Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is the Best ELM327 App with Great Vehicle Coverage.

You will find it works excellently when paired with the OBD2 Bluetooth adapter named OBDCheck BLE+.

#5. inCarDoc – Best OBD2 ELM327 App with Perfect Live Data


  • inCarDoc: Free
  • inCarDoc Pro: $2.69

Download: inCarDoc

Overall Rating:

Live Data 4.7/5
Economizer Function 4.7/5
User-friendly Interface 4.6/5
Connection Speed 3.9/5


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate live data
  • Useful Economizer

What Makes Me Like inCarDoc?

It’s been ten years since inCarDoc was launched in the market.

Over the past ten years, the brand has made a good impression on car lovers worldwide due to its reliability and usefulness. 

And like most other apps, inCarDoc offers two versions for Android users. 

One is free, named inCarDoc, and the other is inCarDoc Pro priced at only $2.69. 

Basically, you can perform a lot of stuff with the free version except for:

  • Real-time parameters recording
  • Reading, displaying, and recording many parameters at once
  • Parameters in background mode recording
  • Viewing and sending recorded parameters traces
  • GPS support

Here are the reasons why I love this app:

1. Excellent interface

As a mechanic who loves straightforward style like me, the interface of this app is what I’m into most. 

The developer designed it with a clear font size and cold colors.

This makes users much easier to follow all the information provided, even the graph. 

And trust me, if you are not tech-savvy, keep relaxed because when using this app with all the instructions, you’ll know what to do. 

2. You can store and record your car’s PIDs

Apart from reading & clearing trouble codes, you can even store parameters in real-time. 

Thus, you can observe your car’s condition and take action immediately when a problem arises.

These parameters include the vehicle speed, engine RPM, coolant temperature, etc. 

They will display on your phone following your car’s every movement in real-time. 

The good news is that you don’t have to buy the pro version to do this, it offers to you without any charge.

You can try the pro version if you want to record your car’s PIDs. 

3. I also consider inCarDoc’s Economizer function a plus point 

Usually, car drivers like you and me forget to check the fuel level before going down the street. 

Thanks to this feature, you can monitor your fuel consumption at a certain speed. 

Thus adjusting your driving habit and saving money on fuel is no longer a big deal. 

Remember that you can use this Economizer only when your vehicle supports OBD2 economy parameters (MAF or MAP+IAT+RPM). 

What I Dislike?

The only complaint is that the app takes quite a long time to pair with the phone. 

Typically, I have to wait 3-4 minutes to get it done

Fortunately, once connecting successfully, the app works as well as you wish.


  • inCarDoc can pair with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Your Android phone versions need to be 4.0.3 and up.

Recommended Adapter

inCarDoc can be paired with many OBDII Bluetooth/Wi-Fi adapters based on ELM327.

The app has its own adapter named OBD2 inCarDoc Adapter, but honestly, I haven’t tried it before.

Instead, Veepeak OBDCheck BLE was the one I found most wonderful when pairing with this app. 

They will connect to each other firmly and work flawlessly as you wish. 

Of course, you have to pay some money to get the BLE adapter but believe me, it is a worthwhile investment! 

Check the latest price of VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE now:


Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

inCarDoc is the best OBD2 ELM327 app with perfect live data.

You will have the best experience when pairing it with the OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth adapter.

Best OBD2 ELM327 Apps For iPhone

#1. OBD Fusion – Best Overall OBD2 ELM327 App for iPhone

Price: $10

Download: OBD Fusion

Overall Rating:

Vehicle Coverage 4.8/5
Performance on iOS 4.8/5
User-friendly Interface 4.5/5
Data Storage Capacity 3.9/5


  • Works perfectly on iOS devices
  • Ideal for reading live data
  • Diagnostic report supported
  • Powerful enhanced diagnostics
  • Customizable dashboards


  • Data of previous vehicle not recorded
  • Enhanced diagnostics for GM not supported

What Makes Me Like OBD Fusion?

To be honest, I’m a big fan of Torque Pro, but it’s only available for Android smartphones. 

And my search for the best OBD2 ELM327 app for iPhone ended only when I installed OBD Fusion.

There’s no free version. But, I guarantee you that it’s worth every penny.

Believe me. 

All you have to do is choose the right OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. 

And OBD Fusion will become your own personal car doctor.

Here are the reasons I love this app:

1. OBD Fusion works perfectly on iPhone

The OBD Fusion app works flawlessly on my iPhone. Never gave me any issues. 

The Bluetooth adapter I use is Veepeak BLE+. 

It’s a solid and reliable OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and has a great warranty.

The pairing is seamless. 

During my working time, there are zero delays over Bluetooth with the Veepeak dongle.

Furthermore, I don’t have to pair it. 

OBD Fusion connects with the adapter directly

This makes setup very easy. 

And more importantly, it doesn’t disable my Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular data. 

I couldn’t be more pleased!

2. Reading live data is so easy

You can read real-time data on a phone or tablet screen right after installing the OBD Fusion app. 

This function doesn’t require you to buy extra subscriptions. 

For live data, I believe OBD Fusion outperforms BlueDriver

BlueDriver’s live gauges are fairly basic. 

Whereas, OBD Fusion allows you to change the gauge’s type, size, colors, and much more.

Furthermore, there is no lag when using this app on iPhone as long as you only display 4 gauges or less.

The refresh rate may be slowed when displaying more than 4 gauges on a single screen. 

But besides that, there’s nothing you can complain about a $10 app and a $40 Veepeak adapter.

3. Perform enhanced diagnostics on several cars makes

I prefer the OBD Fusion app to the Torque Pro due to enhanced diagnostics for Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, and others. 

The added PIDs (parameter identification) really provide a wealth of additional information.

These add-ons make OBD Fusion a powerful app. 

They allow you to get and clear fault codes on supplemental modules like ABS, Airbag, Transmission, and Body Control.  

I have used it on a few different vehicles in my repair shop, such as Toyota 2008, Ford 2006, etc.  

It worked like a charm for pulling trouble codes in the 4 main systems as advertised. 

The additional purchase is optional, but I strongly advise buying it. It’s only $9.99 per vehicle

It’s an excellent long-term investment.

It will give you everything you want to diagnose any car you have in your house.

4. I am very pleased with this app’s ease of use.

The app is completely customizable

It enables you to monitor your chosen PIDS from among many of engine sensors.

If you want a basic gauge with your car’s data, use the defaults provided. 

But if you want to personalize your live data gauge, OBD Fusion says “no problem”. 

You can even adjust the needle’s color, size, and depth on the dial

Another significant thing is a “Clear Trouble Codes” button that lets me easily reset the check engine light. 

This is a lifesaver if you hate to see CEL flashing on your car’s dashboard.

What I Dislike?

1. Data of the previous vehicle not recorded.

When I switch the adapter from one car to another, the data for the previous vehicle is erased. 

As a result, l have to re-enter the information.

I’m hoping that OBD Fusion will fix this soon.

Fortunately, OBD Fusion allows me to save and share full diagnostic data with other people.

So I can export all of the important data as a .csv file and save it to my desktop for later reference and storage.

2. No enhanced diagnostics for GM vehicles.

Unlike OBDLink and BlueDriver, a third-party app like OBD Fusion doesn’t have enhanced diagnostics for GM cars. 

However, it does include some GM-specific PIDs that can be imported. 

Simply open Settings, and navigate to User-Defined PIDs. 

Then press Menu, select Import built-in PIDs, then import your data.

Recommended Adapter

OBD Fusion, together with the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+, is an awesome combination.

Get them, and you’ll receive tons of functionality that will come in handy.

Check the latest price of Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ now:

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+

Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

OBD Fusion is the best overall ELM327 app for iPhone.

You will have the utmost experience when you pair it with the OBDCheck BLE+.

#2. BlueDriver – Best FREE OBD2 app for iPhone

Price: Free (included when buying Bluedriver adapter)

Download: BlueDriver

Overall Rating:

User-friendly Interface 4.8/5
Performance on iOS 4.6/5
Live Data 3.9/5
Value For Money 4.6/5


  • User-friendly interface
  • Read engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag codes
  • Useful repair report
  • Frequent updates
  • Good customer support


  • Slow live data
  • Not support screen rotation
  • Only for BlueDriver adapter

What Makes Me Like BlueDriver?

BlueDriver is one of the most famous Bluetooth OBD2 scanners, and of course, its app is worth trying, too! 

Like OBDLink, you have to buy the BlueDriver adapter first to use this free app

And please remember that this app only works with BlueDriver.

After using and testing this OBD2 app on several car makes and models, I can say that: Bluedriver is the best FREE OBD2 app for iPhone I’ve ever known”.

Want to know why?

Read on.

1. User-friendly interface for DIYers

BlueDriver’s interface is user-friendly for everyone, even if you are a newbie who knows nothing about OBD2 functions.

The menu is easy to navigate and shows specific functions like “Read & Clear codes”, “Freeze Frame”, “Mode 6”, etc. 

You won’t be overwhelmed by the many features on the screen.

Also, graphics and options are extensive, and the ability to drill down on vehicle systems and data is excellent.

2. No more external lookups because you have the Repair Reports

“Repair Report” is one of the factors setting BlueDriver apart from other apps on this list. 

The app gives you a complete rundown of each code detected, including its definition and possible causes. 

Also, it shows how common the code is on your particular car model and even directions to Amazon for each part. 

And all this information is provided within the app. 

There’s no need for external lookups. 

It also has much information about your car’s recall bulletins and other vehicle information from brands.

Moreover, you can save the report, share it, email it, or print it and take it to the mechanic of your choice.

3. No more oil light or TPMS light on your dashboard

Moreover, you can perform basic service functions with BlueDriver, such as: 

– TPMS light reset, 

Oil light reset, and 

– Register a new battery (BMW and Mini only).

You will need these three functions after changing your tire, your oil, or when registering a new battery. 

Note: Some specific vehicles don’t support these functions.

4. Customer support is always there with you

Another thing I like about BlueDriver is their customer support. 

If you have any problems when using this app, don’t hesitate to contact them. 

They will be responsive to every question you have and give the exact solution. 

Yet, I suggest you contact them via Facebook because sometimes I don’t get any answer from their email.

5. Apart from good tech support, BlueDriver updates its software frequently

The latest update on iOS is at the end of June 2022. 

Usually, they update to:

  • fix some bugs
  • improve performance enhancements, and
  • expand diagnostic coverage. 
6. No more codes from the main systems

In addition to the benefits above, BlueDriver lets you read codes from main systems: engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, TPMS, etc. 

Combined with the repair report, you will know every code in your car and identify whether to fix it yourself or not. 

This can save you time and money, instead of going to a repair shop and finding that you could have resolved it beforehand.

What I Dislike?

1. Slow live data

Although BlueDriver allows you to perform many diagnoses, its slow live data disappointed me. 

The data refresh rate is kind of slow. 

It is as slow as molasses, and even then, you can only select 5 PIDs

If you choose more, it will get even slower. 

The refresh rate on this is very slow, even with just 5. 

For serious troubleshooting and monitoring waveforms, you will need another app like OBDLink. 

Otherwise, this app is worth trying!

2. No screen rotation

This app does not support screen rotation. 

You can’t let the screen be horizontal while reading real-time data.

Especially, I couldn’t auto-rotate an iPad’s screen, so I was forced to prop it up in portrait mode to read the output.

However, the app would work in both portrait and landscape mode for live data when I rotated my phone 90 degrees.

Recommended Adapter

BlueDriver app can’t work on universal OBD2 Bluetooth adapters because it is exclusively made for BlueDriver scan tool.

So, I highly recommend you buy a BlueDriver adapter to use this comprehensive app.

Check the latest price of Bluedriver now:


Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

Bluedriver is the best Free OBD2 app for iPhone (with free lifetime updates).

It is included when you buy the Bluedriver Bluetooth OBD2 adapter.

#3. Carly – Best OBD2 App for iPhone with Advanced Functions


  • Carly for all brands: $137.80/year 
  • Carly for one brand: $81-$119/year

Download: Carly OBD2 app

Overall Rating:

Vehicle Coverage 4.3/5
User-friendly Interface 3.9/5
Advanced Service Functions 4.7/5
Value For Money 4.2/5


  • Coding (for BMW/MINI)
  • Advanced service functions
  • Read engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag codes
  • Used car check
  • Battery registration


  • Annual subscription fee
  • Confusing interface
  • Poor customer support

What Makes Me Like Carly?

Carly is formerly BMWhat, a special app for BMW and MINI vehicles. 

But now, it is also compatible with many car brands like Toyota, Ford, Lexus, etc. 

You need to pay an annual subscription fee to use it, which includes:

– All brands: $137.80, 

– One brand: $81 – $119/year.

And here’s why I chose it for my list:

1. You know whether the problem is severe or not

Like BlueDriver, Carly allows you to read trouble codes from the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag.  

These enhanced diagnostic features are available for BMW, MINI, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Lexus, etc. 

Other brands like Alfa Romeo, Bently, Chrysler, etc., only get basic OBD2 functions.

Besides, Carly shows the trouble codes with color to let you know whether the problem is severe or not

It will be easier to decide whether to bring your car to the mechanic immediately or keep driving. 

2. You can perform advanced functions or customization via Bluetooth connection

Not only does Carly read enhanced codes, but it also offers coding and advanced service functions, such as:

  • Battery Registration,
  • DPF Regeneration, and
  • Brake Parking Reset.

Especially for BMW and MINI vehicles, you can customize the iDrive and exhaust flap if your car is equipped. 

I programmed a new battery and performed DPF regeneration for a 2018 320d BMW in the first 2 weeks I tested it.  

The coding function also lets me get rid of some minor annoyances in my client’s BMW. 

3. So convenient for checking used cars before buying

A prominent function Carly offers is the “Used Car Check” hot function

To avoid buying a used car in poor condition, you can use this scanner to check if the car’s mileage is correct. 

Also, VIN information is available for checking in this feature.  

4. Free Carly scanner

When buying the Carly app, you will get a free Carly scanner.

There’s no need to find a suitable adapter for this app because the Carly adapter is best suited. 

What I Dislike?

1. Annual subscription fee

The yearly subscription fee for other car makes like Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc., is a bit high.  

With the price/subscription fee of $119/year, you will find it reasonable to buy this scanner for your BMW, MINI, Audi, etc. 

But for other car brand owners, $81-$88/year for one car make is unreasonable. 

Because you can only read codes from engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag just like BlueDriver. 

Instead, BlueDriver is a better choice when it can perform the same as Carly with the price of $120 for a one-time purchase.

Yet, Carly is upgrading new functions like coding on other cars. 

I will update this feature as soon as possible when it’s ready.  

2. Not easy to use

The interface is less intuitive than its other competitors. 

It has continually gotten worse over time as well. 

You need to follow more and more steps just to perform simple things. 

The interface is made for someone who knows nothing about cars rather than a DIYer.

3. Customer service is not responsive

Once I sent them an email to ask for a refund. 

They didn’t respond to my emails after I sent the required information they asked for. 

They said they would contact me back, but they didn’t and closed the support ticket. 

It is disappointing when a famous app brand handles customers’ problems like that.

Customer support is one of the factors in choosing a suitable app. 

I hope Carly will improve this soon.

4. You have to cancel the subscription 24 hours before the expiry

Always remember that paying a yearly subscription means you agree to the automatic renewal. 

For a forgetful person, it’s annoying to pay an amount of money you didn’t intend to.

So, don’t forget to cancel an automatic renewal payment if you don’t have a plan to keep using it.

Recommended Adapter

When buying the Carly app, you will be provided with a Carly Scanner for free

Of course, like BlueDriver, the app works exclusively with its scanner for full features. 

Yet, you can use this app with other adapters, but only basic diagnostic function like reading codes is available.

Check the latest price of Carly now:


Key Takeaway:

Carly is the best OBD2 app for iPhone with advanced functions.

When you buy this app, you will get a Free Genuine Carly Scanner.

#4. OBD Auto Doctor – Best ELM327 App with User-friendly Interface


  • OBD Auto Doctor: Free   
  • OBD Auto Doctor Personal: $5/month or $24/year 
  • OBD Auto Doctor Pro: $7.5/month or $38/year 

Download: OBD Auto Doctor App

Overall Rating:

User-friendly Interface 4.6/5
Performance on iOS 4.3/5
Customer Support 3.8/5
Value For Money 4.0/5


  • Read engine and transmission codes
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Data sharing
  • User-friendly interface


  • Poor customer support
  • Cannot clear codes in Free version

What Makes Me Like OBD Auto Doctor?

OBD Auto Doctor allows you to perform partial or full OBD2 functions depending on your choice. 

– Free: Read codes and check I/M readiness

– Personal: Add “clear codes” and some OBD2 functions     

– Pro: Full OBD2 functions and car performance tracking

For more details, you can check its website to confirm before buying.

Of course, I chose the Pro version to use all the functions available. 

Here are my first-hand experiences:

1. No more codes from the engine and transmission

With the Pro version, you can:

  • read engine and transmission codes, or
  • monitor sensors with graphed and logged data, 

making it worth paying a one-year subscription. 

This app doesn’t support you reading any other modules such as ABS and airbag. 

So it’s the same as an engine code reader in this price range, like ANCEL AD310.

Note: Please keep in mind that Personal and Pro versions will automatically renew.

2. You can share the data via email

This feature makes the repair process easier to share your error code data in CSV format via email. 

All you need to do is send your data to the mechanics if you can’t fix your car. 

This will help them address common issues more effectively.

3. The app’s interface is user-friendly. 

The way they organize each function is quite smart and simple. 

This has saved me so much time in identifying features’ locations and troubleshooting car issues.

What I Dislike?

1. Bad customer support

I’m not too fond of the customer support from OBD Auto Doctor, which is the same as Carly. 

It took 2-3 days to get their response about vehicle compatibility. 

Also, they would politely answer you if you gave them positive reviews. 

In contrast, how they respond will disappoint you if you complain about the price.

2. Limited free version

For anyone preferring the free version, it’s kind of annoying when you only can read codes.

This app doesn’t allow you to clear the trouble codes after repairing the issues unless you pay for the Pro version. 

I understand the developers need to maintain the app, but at least it should let the user clear the codes like other apps. 

Furthermore, it’d be fine if the app requires a one-time purchase instead of paying a monthly or yearly fee. 

3. No ABS or airbag codes

If you are a home mechanic wanting to fix any codes on your car, this app doesn’t read ABS and airbag codes. 

With this price, you can’t expect it to support those modules. 

Try other apps like BlueDriver or OBDFusion.

Recommended Adapter

If you are looking for an adapter to pair with OBD Auto Doctor, I recommend choosing a high-quality adapter. 

Forget the cheap OBDII clone adapters and buy a good one like Vgate iCar Pro


Because Vgate iCar Pro was well tested with the OBD Auto Doctor app. 

The first time I connected it with my iPhone, it worked flawlessly. 

Check the latest price of the Vgate iCar Pro Wifi adapter now:

Vgate iCar Pro

Launch X431 V Pro

Key Takeaway:

OBD Auto Doctor is the best ELM327 app with a user-friendly interface.

To have the best experience with this app, you’d better pair it with a Vgate iCar Pro adapter.

What’s Next?

So, you’ve walked through the best OBD2 ELM327 apps in 2022.

Here is my recommendation:

Now, it’s your turn.

Leave a comment in the box below and tell me:

  • Which app did you choose? Why?
  • Your experience with the app.

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