RFID down at PLUS tolls, use TnG/SmartTAG today

PLUS announced on its social media channels today that it is experiencing issues with the RFID payment system at various toll plazas on the PLUS highway.

Works to fix the issue are already underway but if you have yet to enter a PLUS highway using the RFID payment method it might be a good idea to use a backup Touch n Go/SmartTAG instead so you don’t get stuck when trying to exit the highway.

If you have already entered the highway using RFID, you must exit using RFID to avoid getting a penalty charge. PLUS says it has stationed personnel at affected RFID lanes to help motorists out.

A quick check on social media reveals highway users experiencing issues as early as before 7pm at various toll plazas such as Juru, Labu, Duta and Sungai Buloh.

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