An electric pick-up truck by BYD has been spied undergoing tests, according to China PEV, and the upcoming model could debut next year with fully electric as well as hybrid powertrains, according to the publication.

This could be a rival to the Radar RD6 from the Geely group, a fully electric dual-cab pick-up truck based on the Geely Haoyue VX11 SUV that will form the basis of the Proton X90 seven-seater SUV that is set to debut next year.

According to Car Expert, BYD plans to build a “powerful brand matrix” consisting of brands BYD for its core line-up, Denza for the premium segment, Yangwang for the luxury SUV segment and “another new brand”. BYD’s electric pick-up truck will come under the latter, which the company says will specialise in “professional and personalised identities, covering family cars and luxury cars,” it said.

Geely Radar RD6

In other words,

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On 12 November 2022, The European Commission (EC) presented its proposal for Euro 7 emission standards, covering both light and heavy vehicles in the European Union. While CO2 emission rules will drive the deployment of zero-emission vehicles, the EC made it clear that ensuring all vehicles on European roads are much cleaner is essential. Part of the reasoning behind this proposal is linked to the environmental and health risks. Transport across Europe is still a major contributor to air pollution and premature deaths. On average, the EC found it responsible for 39% of the harmful NOx emissions in 2018 (47% in urban areas) and 11% of total PM emissions in 2018. 

As part of the proposal, all new cars and vans sold in the EU will not emit any CO2 from 2035. However, according to the EC, more than 20% of pre-existing cars and vans and over 50% of heavy-duty

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There are some great Japanese cars to own if you love speed.

1. Toyota MR2

The Toyota MR2 which is built using off-the-shelf genuine Toyota parts was conceptualized as a fun-to-drive coupe that was within the budget range of most people at the time. Back at the turn of the century (‘80s and ‘90s) Toyota was heavily invested in producing affordable cars that had precise transmission, were responsive and had a great engine.

Before long, Toyota went ahead to add a supercharger to the MR2 before adding a turbocharger to the second-generation MR2s. The turbocharger had the impact of adding more power to these cars. There were however small differences between the US-produced and Japan-produced models. The Japanese versions of the MR2 had a second catalytic converter, a more aggressive fuel map, a ceramic turbocharger, and an extra 25 horsepower. You can bring this machine in if you wish to

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It is a legal requirement that all vehicles over three years old must take an annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. Its purpose is to determine whether your vehicle is roadworthy, as well as ensuring they comply with environmental requirements. 

Below we explain exactly what’s get checked during an MOT and how your car can benefit too. To get your car ready for its MOT, take a look at our wide range of car accessories, which we are sure will lead your car to pass its MOT. 

Vehicle body and speedometer 

During your MOT test, your car will be inspected for any corrosion to the body, seats, doors, engine mountings, and the chassis. Plus, anything that could cause injury, like sharp edges, is also checked. 

The mechanic also examines the speedometer by checking it illuminates correctly, and that the speed can be read clearly while you’re driving. This ensures that

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This year’s SEMA Show attracted all kinds of cars and wild builds. One that slipped under our radar was a widebody C5-generation Chevrolet Corvette owned by Robb Ferguson.

Ferguson, who goes by the name goodshow_aa on Instagram, is no stranger to modifying vehicles and usually does so in his garage. For SEMA, he decided to take a C5 Corvette and make it stand out thanks to a widebody kit sourced from TRA Kyoto, sold under the Pandem name in the U.S. but also known as Rocket Bunny kits in other markets.

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The kit designed for the C5 Corvette is extreme to say the least. Things start at the front end where TRA Kyoto has fitted a new bumper that sits much lower to the ground and has a transformative effect on the

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