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Buying gifts for a car enthusiast isn’t always the easiest task. These 10 gifts are guaranteed to make anyone with a car, truck, or motorcycle VERY happy!

1.The LED PUCK Light!


It doesn’t matter if you are working in the garage or underneath your sink in the house, every person should have a quality light in their toolbox. This light pumps out an impressive 600 lumens on high and 300 on low and can run up to 3 hours before you need a full charge.

What I really like about this is that it has a magnetic base, a hook and a 360° swivel head. When I say this light will work ANYWHERE, I mean it!

The best part is the price. Coming in at around $32, you can’t beat this deal.


2. Get Comfortable with this Detailing Stool

Detailing wheels? Change brakes? Hanging out with your buddies drinking beer? What do all three of these things have in common? A seat makes each one better!

This detailer stool comes full loaded with locking casters, a super wide contoured seat pan AND it can hold up to 300 lbs! It even comes with a drink holder for the aforementioned beer. There are a ton of great features that make this seat a must have, but I like the affordability. Grab this seat for only 60 bucks HERE.


3. Get a grip! Everyone needs a vise!

How many  times have you been in the garage holding onto something and think “this would be so much easier if I had a third hand”? I bet its been more then once. A quality vise doesn’t have to break the bank, and it only needs a couple simple features.

This Yost 750-E 5” vise a great homeowner vise because it has some flexibility with a two way adjustable head, a set of straight jaws and a set of pipe jaws as well as dual lockdowns to ensure this doesn’t move on you.

Grab this vise HERE.


4. Ditch the jack stands and use detachable ramps!

Okay, so these might not replace jack stands completely BUT they are perfect for simple maintenance like oil changes. Simply drive your vehicle up on the ramps, and then once secured, you can remove the back portion of the ramp and have a bunch of free space to slide under the car.

These ramps can hold up to 3600 lbs a piece and have a little over of 6” of lift height. Stop messing about with jacks and jack stands and pick a set up these up HERE.


5. Stop messing with broken bolts – Grab the screw and bolt extractors


If you are a DIYer like me, or just a car enthusiast, then you have broken a bolt head or rounded a bolt off at one point or another. There are a bunch of ways to remove a broken bolt but I have found that these are the best options. The screw kit comes with 6 bits that you hammer into the broken screw. Once it bites you can slowly start removing it and BAM, just like that you saved yourself a headache.

The bolt kit comes with 9 sizes and resembles a normal socket, but on the inside is a unique pattern that bites into the rounded bolt and allows you to remove them without throwing any tools across the shop in a fit of rage (don’t act you haven’t done that). This one even comes with a punch tool for removing the rounded head from the socket!

Grab the bolt kit HERE and the screw kit HERE

6. A Stripper that everyone can agree on…

The Contour SCT is a customer FAVORITE for many reasons. Its super versatile and is great for stripping paint, rust, filler, and primer off cars, but it’s also perfect for woodworking projects, buffing aluminum and so much more. There have been many imitations with this tool (who wouldn’t want to copy the best stripping tool to ever exist) but there is only one Eastwood Contour SCT.

If your unsure about this tool you can check out all the different drum options here. I am sure you will find something that you can use this for!


7. The easiest way to gauge a profile!

If you are a serious fabricator then chances are you have seen one of these before, but don’t let fool you, these are perfect for more than just metal fab. These profile gauges are great for house projects like getting the perfect profile on trim or cutting the correct pattern in your new floors.

This profile gauge is guaranteed to come out of your toolbox at least once a month for various projects around your house or garage. As a try DIYer myself, I recommend everyone has one of these!


8. Ready to step it up? Start melting metal together!

MIG welding can seem like a tough skill to learn, but in reality all it takes is a little bit of time a patience to learn how to properly MIG weld. The MIG 90 is the PERFECT beginner unit for a couple reasons.

#1: It plugs into your standard household outlet. No messing with fancy plugs or calling an electrician to get you 240v hooked up in your garage.

#2: Weld with flux core wire or with solid wire and gas. If you don’t feel like messing with a gas bottle then simply get a spool of flux core wire and start welding!

#3: It can STILL WELD up to 1/8” thick, so whether you are welding sheet metal on a car or fixing an old metal chair around the house, this unit has you covered.

This unit is also EXTREMELY affordable. Pick this welder up HERE.


9. Magnetic Trays that can hold EVERYTHING

These trays are the most used piece of equipment in my shop. It comes with two large rectangular trays, a bottle can holder and a paper towel holder.

I keep these on my rolling toolbox for added storage when working on a project. It can hold all the hardware I removed from my project as well as that pesky 10MM that always seems to go missing! The can holder is perfect for keeping some pre painting prep or acetone handy and the paper towel holder is right there when you need to clean up.

With a price tag of right around $40, you can’t go wrong.


10. The PCS-250 Powder Coating System

Powder coating can get the same reputation as welding. “Hard to do, expensive, takes too much time.” The PCS-250 is the reason that this ISNT TRUE! Powder coating is easy to learn, fairly inexpensive to get started with and makes everything look better!

The PCS-250 is a dual voltage powder coating system that allows for easy application of powder at a price point that won’t break the bank (under $160). You can use a dedicated electric toaster oven for small parts or pick up a used oven off craigslist for larger parts. From spraying powder to having a fully cured part takes less than an hour.

You can get more information on powder coating and the PCS-250 HERE.

If these don’t hit the mark for you then check out Eastwood.com. We are adding new tools every single week and are constantly developing new and unique products designed to make your time in the garage easier, more enjoyable and most importantly, FUN!

-Dave Halgash
Automotive Enthusiast




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