Part of being a motoring writer is predicting trends, having a think about what paths the car market might take in the near-term.

Some trends such as electrification are as clear as day, while others are based on looser hypothesising.

Here we jot down one expectation for 2023 from various team members. Add your two cents in the comments!

Mike Costello

China will become Australia’s third-largest source of cars

Sales of cars made in China spiked 55 per cent to the end of November this year, making the country our fourth-biggest source of vehicles behind Japan, Thailand and Korea. 

More than 10 per cent of new vehicles sold this year at the time of writing were made in China – either by rapidly growing Chinese brands MG, LDV, GWM, Haval and BYD, or brands that source cars from there such as Tesla, Volvo and Polestar. 

All (or most) of those

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Getting colour updates for next year is the 2023 Honda RS-X kapchai. The new colour choices for the RS-X are Lemon Ice Yellow and Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, priced at RM9,698, while the revised Trico Edition, in Honda’s racing colours of red, white and blue with gold coloured wheels, is priced at RM9,748, compared against the 2021 Honda RS-X price of RM8,688 for the base model.

Pricing does not include road tax, insurance or registration and every RS-X comes with a two-year or 20,000 km warranty against manufacturing defects. Stock of the 2023 Honda RS-X is expected to arrive in authorised Boon Siew Honda dealer showroom beginning January 4, 2023.

No other changes for the RS-X for next season, with the same single-cylinder mill displacing 149.16 cc and fed by Honda’s PGM-Fi mated to a six-speed transmission and chain final drive. Power for the RS-X is claimed to be

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Automation can help plug the skills gap, free up space in factories and ensure new technology is sustainable and futureproof. By Alex Forrest

The automotive industry is far from immune from the workforce shortage, with the UK publication This is Money reporting that the country will see a 160,000 shortfall of staff by 2031. While the sector has traditionally led the way with automation on the production line, it fed those processes manually from a logistics point of view.

We’re aware of the extent to which the labour shortages are affecting industries, especially automotive. I have been having conversations with various carmakers who are facing a 50-100 person shortfall in their workforce. On top of that, the cost-of-living crisis is reducing the demand for new cars. Carmakers are therefore facing tough decisions to reduce or redeploy their workforce to stay competitive. This is where automation can support. While parts of

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There is nothing more alarming than one of your vehicle’s tires blowing out when you are on the road. It is dangerous to you, the people in your vehicle, and everyone around you. A blown tire can easily cause an accident, which could be much worse if the blown tire is on a truck. 

What Causes a Tire Blow Out?

Most truck accident attorneys will tell you that there are seven common causes of tire blowouts.

1. Over-inflation and Under-inflation

Over-inflated tires are often uneven. When a tire is over-inflated, it may wear down faster than it would if it had the appropriate amount of air. When tires wear down, it can cause a blowout to happen.

Under-inflated tires can become overheated easily, which can cause a blowout. The tire pressure monitoring system in the vehicle should tell the driver if their tires are properly inflated.

2. Worn Out

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2021 Toyota Mirai

It’s been a brutal year for car prices, but there’s one reliable deal that always seems too good to be true. Yet it is true, as long as you can live with strange compromises.

The 2022 Toyota Mirai is again available with a discount of up to $25,000. That’s 38% off the purchase price for a near-luxury sedan with a beautiful panoramic glass roof, a stunning modern-style interior right out of an upscale art gallery, and cabin tech that responds to voice commands.

Oh — and you get six years or $15,000 worth of free fuel.

The catch? It’s that fuel. It’s hydrogen.

Just Three of Its Kind on the Market

The Toyota Mirai is an automotive oddity. It’s one of just three hydrogen fuel cell cars left for sale in the U.S.

It borrows much of its architecture from the Lexus LS — the flagship of the Lexus lineup.

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We’ve driven plenty of exciting metal in 2022, but the year is almost over – and the car industry never stops moving.

From futuristic electric flagships to screaming tributes to internal-combustion heroes past, with a few family SUVs thrown in for good measure, here’s what the CarExpert team is most excited to drive in 2023.

Tony Crawford

BMW M2, M3 Touring, XM

I just can’t nail it down to one car. In fact, it’s a BMW triple for me.

The upcoming M2, new M3 Touring, and the first full-strength electrified M car ever in the XM.

The M2 is a new-generation car from the ground up that borrows from the latest M3/M4, with a clean-sheet exterior design I’m liking more every time I see another pic, while the M3 Touring is the first such M3 wagon ever to go into series production.

I saw the XM in a static display

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Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Kos Sara Hidup (KPDN) Salahuddin Ayub menyatakan bahawa mekanisma untuk memberikan subsidi bahan api petrol secara bersasar sudah hampir lengkap, dan ia akan menggunakan data dari Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) untuk mengenal pasti mereka yang layak menerima bantuan tersebut, lapor Bernama.

“Jadi dari segi data itu (subsidi bersasar) sudah hampir lengkap untuk kita berikan data itu kepada Perdana Menteri (Anwar Ibrahim) tentang bagaimana kita boleh buat subsidi bersasar ini,” katanya ketika mengulas mengenai rancangan kerajaan terutama KPDN yang juga sekretariat kepada Majlis Tindakan Sara Hidup (NACCOL) berkait mekanisme subsidi bersasar dan pelaksanaannya di Johor Bahru hari ini.

Menurut Salahuddin Ayub dalam laporan berkenaan, pangkalan data JPJ boleh digunakan untuk pelaksanaan subsidi petrol RON 95 memandangkan kerajaan dapat mengenal pasti golongan yang layak menerima subsidi berdasarkan jenis kuasa kuda (cc) kenderaan dimiliki.

Menteri berkenaan menyatakan bahawa kertas cadangan mengenai subsidi bersasar sebelum ini sudah dibentangkan

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GMC’s Design Manager speaks to Megan Lampinen about the evolution of truck interiors

Pick-ups are a huge money maker for automakers. General Motors generates at least US$17,000 in pre-tax profit for every large pick-up it sells. That’s according to Reuters, citing GM disclosures to investors. The pick-up segment is huge in the US, GM’s home market, where it accounted for 18.3% of new vehicle sales in 2021. That makes it the second largest segment in the US, following only crossovers. With so much at stake, getting the design right is pivotal.

Pick-ups are a challenging segment in that they function both as work vehicles and lifestyle models. That means the cab design needs to facilitate both use cases. Automotive World caught up with Brian Izard, Interior Design Manager for the GMC brand, to hear more about the evolution of cab design and the secret to meeting the segment’s rapidly

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A car’s license plate number is essential in its identification. Do you have a stolen car? Or you got into an accident with a driver who absconded from the scene? In any situation you find yourself in, consulting a license plate lookup service online could solve all your problems.

However, many people might now know their way around using these services. This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide to determining license plate numbers. Stick with us to learn everything you need to know about license plate lookups.

What Information can Plate License Numbers Provide?

Many people are ignorant of the amount of information they can get by just knowing the plate number of a car. In this section, we’ll walk you through the various types of information you can get from a car’s plate number.

1. The Vehicle Information

You can get all available information about the

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