How Does ADAS Calibration Improve Your Vehicle’s Safety?

Automated driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly popular in vehicles. These systems are designed to provide more convenience, safety, and comfort while behind the wheel. In addition, it can help you maintain a safer driving environment by monitoring your vehicle’s surroundings.

These systems use a combination of cameras, sensors, and radars help a vehicle sense what is happening around it and provide alerts to the driver about changes in driving conditions. This is important because it can reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Did you know that more than 60 million cars are equipped with ADAS, and the number is increasing every year? Another interesting fact is that more than one-third of these vehicles need re-calibration after some common repairs like wheel alignment or windshield replacement. But why is re-calibration of your ADAS system so important?

ADAS Can Help You Significantly Reduce the Number of Accidents on the Road

The majority of road accidents are caused by human error, which is why these advanced safety systems were developed to automate and enhance certain aspects of the driving experience. These technologies can be split into two categories: those that automate driving, such as automatic emergency braking systems, and those that help improve drivers’ awareness, such as lane departure warning systems. The entire purpose of these safety features is to increase safety by reducing injuries by decreasing the overall number of traffic accidents on the roads.

Although the importance of this system is obvious, its maintenance is often misunderstood and neglected, making the ADAS system less effective in predicting and preventing accidents. For example, one of the situations, when an ADAS re-calibration may be required is in case of a windshield replacement or a repair. If your windshield wasn’t properly situated in relation to the cameras and sensors mounted in your car, there’s a chance it would malfunction. This, on the other hand, could prevent your system from detecting a potentially dangerous situation and therefore help you prevent it. 

When Should You Consider Windshield Repair Before Replacement?

When you take your car to a repair shop, and they advise you to get a new windshield, it may seem like a reasonable suggestion. But, what if we told you there was another option? If you’ve ever had your windshield replaced before, then you know firsthand that it is much more expensive and time-consuming than for the glass to be repaired. 

Windshield Repair Versus Replacement

Windshield repair is a service that is often overlooked, but it can be very important when you’re in a pinch. Many people don’t think about the need for windshield repair until they notice a crack or chip in their windshield and realize that they can’t drive their car with the damage. It may seem like too much of an inconvenience to take your vehicle to a repair shop, but it’s worth it when you think about the safety of you and your passengers. Windshields serve as one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Replace your windshield if there are cracks that are more than 10mm long or deep, the damage is from one side of the windshield to the other, or there are any cracks near your driver’s line of sight.

Windshield repair has some significant benefits when compared to windshield replacement:

  • A windshield repair service is more affordable than a windshield replacement. At All Makes Auto Glass, we can inspect your vehicle’s windshield and recommend the best option for your convenience. Contact us today and get the best auto glass service for your car.
  • It’s eco-friendlier due to the fact that it doesn’t require the disposal of glass.
  • A windshield repair is time-efficient. You will not need to wait for another windshield to be delivered.

Do You Need to Re-calibrate Your Vehicle’s ADAS System After Windshield Repair?

A re-calibration is not needed for rock chip repairs. The general rule is that if the crack is within or across the camera’s scope, a new windshield would be required, and you would need calibration services for the ADAS system of your car. The reason for that is that any damage to your windshield could potentially affect the camera’s working condition and make it less effective to detect potentially dangerous situations. If the rock chip and/or crack is within the camera area, the camera will focus on the crack vs. the road ahead.

Who Can Help You with the Re-calibration of Your Vehicle’s ADAS System?

Some auto body shops can provide windshield replacement services, but they often do not offer ADAS re-calibration. At All Makes Auto Glass, we can help you with any auto glass repair and replacement and also offer to calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS system, so your car is in the best working condition when we give you the keys.

When Do You Need to Schedule an ADAS Re-calibration for Your Vehicle?

Several occasions require re-calibration services for your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System. It’s important to note that you should schedule a calibration as soon as possible after any of the following repairs or adjustments:

  • Your ADAS needs to be re-calibrated after a windshield replacement.
  • You also will need calibration services for your vehicle following wheel realignment or in cases where a change of the car’s suspension has occurred.
  • A re-calibration of the ADAS is also required if the camera has been disconnected or reconnected for any reason.
  • Even though an error message does not usually appear on the dashboard, you need to talk to a professional if a calibration message appears.

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