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1921 Haynes, Cars of 1912

1912 Haynes

Fun thing to think about: 1912 was Chevrolet’s first full year on the market. Now, 111 years later, Chevrolet is still around, but most of the brands seen below are not. It’s odd to think that this gallery is filled with the cars that Chevrolet buyers in 1912 either passed on, or simply could not afford.

Michigan Auto Ad

Excerpt from Michigan ad seen below.

Take special note of the Michigan ad. Until I read this particular advertisement, I was not aware that cars were lumped into categories based on horsepower. Or, maybe they weren’t. The auto industry was still evolving, and comparisons between brands were often difficult to make, as many of these cars were sold regionally, and could not be easily had in every market.

And, reviewing the ads below, it occurs to me that Detroit Electric would make a fine brand to bring back into action.

More classic ad

The Cars of 1912


1912 American

1912 American

The Cars of Metropolis


Detroit Electric

1912 Detroit Electric

1912 Detroit Electric

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1921 Fiat

1912 Fiat

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1912 Flanders

1912 Flanders

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1921 Haynes Model 22

1912 Haynes

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1921 Havers


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1921 Michigan

1912 Michigan

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1921 Pope-Hartford

1912 Pope-Hartford

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1912 Stevens-Duryea

1912 Stevens-Duryea

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Cars of 1921 Gallery

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Cars of 1912

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Cars of 1912

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