Standardizing these processes can go a long way to preventing a buildup of obsolete SOPs. Remember to identify when relationships with that customer may be strained and analyze how much that will impact your business.

Evaluate the Life Cycle of SOPs

Once you’ve identified the source of high SOP obsolescence, the next step is to determine the life cycle of those parts. In short, how long do those parts sit on the shelves at the parts department? The percentage of obsolete parts that are acceptable to have sitting on the shelves is different for every dealership. 

For the average dealership, the ideal obsolescence rate is below 5%. 

The average obsolete part sits on the shelf for anywhere between 7 and 12 months, depending on your dealership’s specific definition. If your parts department has an accumulation of special order parts that are 12 months old or older, that percentage could easily

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Our spy photographers caught North America’s 2024 Buick Encore GX without any sign of camouflage, revealing the entirety of its updated exterior. The facelifted SUV is expected to debut sometime in 2023 featuring Buick’s new logo and incorporating the brand’s latest design language that was introduced in the Wildcat EV concept.

Visual changes are focused on the front end which looks significantly more modern compared to the current Buick Encore GX. The subcompact model debuted back in 2019 which makes 2023 the perfect time for a mid-lifecycle update.

Read: 2023 Buick Envista Crossover Coupe Debuts In China With Brand’s New Design Language

As revealed from leaked photos of the long-wheelbase Encore GX in China recently, the facelifted crossover adopts slimmer LED headlights with additional lighting units mounted on the bumper intakes. The sharp nose has a grille-less look, proudly exhibiting Buick’s new three-shield logo. In fact, the grille has been

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2022 Tesla Model Y in red.Tesla’s three available suites of driver assistance software have been the subject of controversy, lawsuits, investigations, and frequent changes. They’re changing again. A little over a year after saying the systems could function safely without radar, Telsa has told the federal government it will put radar back into its cars.

The company hasn’t formally announced the move yet. But it has applied for permission from the Federal Communications Commission to build new radar systems. The application says the company needs clearance to build radar devices again by “mid-January 2023.”

Tesla’s Three Systems

Tesla sells three different levels of partial-automation software. None of them offer true self-driving — there are no self-driving cars for sale in the U.S.

Autopilot is standard equipment on every Tesla vehicle. It uses a smart cruise control to match the car to the speed of the surrounding traffic. A lane-centering function helps keep the car in

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Production of the Ford GT will end soon, but not before a series of 67 track-only specials are made.

While recognisably a version of the second-generation GT, the new Ford GT Mk IV has a unique “long tail” carbon-fibre body draped over an extended wheelbase. 

Other notable changes we can see are a significantly lower stance, a full aerodynamics package including a massive rear wing and diffuser, and what seems to be a wider stance.

Powering the GT Mk IV is a heavily modified version of the GT’s 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, which will sport a larger displacement and a whole host of other modifications.

Work on the engine has yet to be completed, but Ford says it should produce around 597kW, or 800hp in the old money.

To put that in perspective, the regular road-going version of the GT has 492kW to its name, while the previous track model, the

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As of January 14, 2023, Fast Bikes will cease to be the official Malaysian distributor for Triumph motorcycles, subsequently taking on a Honda Big Wing dealership. Accordingly, Motoradic, as exclusive official importer for Triumph, will also relinquish its role.

Fast Bike’s Triumph outlets in Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu will also end operations on that date. A new Triumph motorcycles representative for Malaysia has been appointed but the name has not been officially announced.

For Triumph motorcycles no longer under warranty, Fast Bikes remains available for consultation and advice on service and technical matters. For motorcycles still under warranty, Triumph Motorcycles UK and its official representative in Malaysia will be solely responsible for all terms and conditions.