German Student Applicant Visa

Planning Your Studies in Germany

A German student applicant visa is the visa to apply for if you are planning to go to Germany to apply for university admission in person.
This visa is initially issued for three months but can be extended for another three months upon your arrival in Germany.
If in such six months you receive the awaited letter of admission in full-time university study program or a university preparatory measure you’ll be able to switch into a German student visa or a residence permit for studying.
Requirements for a Germany student applicant visa are:

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Two German national visa application forms. Duly filled out and signed.
Your valid national passport. Issued in the recent 10 years, with at least 2 blank pages.
Your recent photographs. (Up to 3). They must be biometric passport-size.
Recognized German language certificate. Or, evidence of being admitted to partake in a German language course leading to such certificate. (For a German study program).
Proof of study prospect.
Evidence of conditional acceptance in studies. Letter or communications with the university. They must confirm you’ve been accepted in part, and you’ve to undertake preparatory measures and/or sit an examination before getting final admission.
Letter confirming you’ve applied for studies. A university letter confirming you’ve applied and successfully complied with university requirements for admission.
Evidence of a reserved place in a study program. Letter or communications with the university. They must state the need for personal attendance for final admission.
Recognized English language certificate. (For an international study program).
University entrance qualification recognized in Germany.
Proof of means of subsistence.
Letter of commitment by parents. Accompanied by evidence of their incomes and other financial assets.
Letter of commitment by a German resident “Verpflichtungserklärung”. A latter taken at the Alien’s Registration Office in Germany by the German resident who’s covering your costs during your studies.
Blocked account “Escrow”.
Scholarship awarding certificate. It must show the amount of costs it covers.
Bank guarantee to you. From a recognized German bank.
Covered travel health insurance. It must be valid for the entire period of your stay, since your arrival. (Original and two photocopies).

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