Responsive design no longer requires BootStrap.


The most popular CSS framework  "the Bootstrap project" started by twitter developers is now obsolete. It is time to move to CSS grids and flexbox. 

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The use of CSS frameworks in design gained momentum when browsers started supporting CSS @media breakpoints which is the anchor of responsive design. Things started changing when you had to optimise your site for different screen-sizes of mobiles, tablets, laptops and it was just not enough. If you were running client projects then you would have to write a lot of CSS to fit your client's site according to their screen sizes. Sure bootstrap has the fluid layout as well but it is just as limiting as the original bootstrap.

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BootStrap is now a limiting factor in building better a web-design. It now appears bloated and not so flexible.

Here is a short example to prove my point. Consider the image below.

The first three blocks in the row are Bootstrap and the last 3 blocks in the row is custom CSS grid.

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The last three blocks are using 1 line of CSS code, whereas the bootstrap is more than 50 lines ( sass-mixin ). Plus if you see the responsiveness of later 3 is better than that of the first 3 bootstrap blocks and would work in any given layout without any limitation.

In my next post, I will share a WordPress theme that I have built using the same techniques. The result is amazing with just few line of code. The aim was to create a WP theme is less than 10 kb and look good on all platforms and devices.

p.s : This post was written on Gutenberg and it rocks !
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