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Scratch To Unity: Motion
Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019

This post provides a handy reference guide to go from Scratch’s “Motion” category of code blocks to C# with Unity. Code Alternatives Before you dive in, I wanted the opportunity to present a few alternatives for your animation needs. Unity has a lot of features you wont find in Scratch, so doing things the “Scratch […]

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Scratch To Unity: Scripting Over Time
Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019

Scratch has several code blocks that can take time to complete. For example, you might chain together several “say” blocks to present a conversation. Each block will then pause the execution of that stack until it completes. Up to this point, all of the code we have learned has been synchronous. This means that even […]

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Scratch To Unity: Scripting Intro
Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019

Scratch makes it very simple to “do” things with your sprites by stacking a few well placed code blocks. In Unity, you must “script” your actions with a programming language called C# (pronounced ‘C Sharp’). If you’ve never programmed before, then this will likely be the single greatest hurdle in transitioning from Scratch to Unity, […]

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Scratch To Unity: User Interface
Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019

The layouts of Scratch and Unity are pretty different, and Unity can be a bit overwhelming by comparison. That is an unfortunate by-product of having so many features. It’s not as bad as you might think though, we just need to re-orient you by letting you know the equivalent location of where and what things […]

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Masters in Automotive Engineering in Germany
Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2019

A successful career starts with an excellent education. If this is your formula to achieve your professional dreams, then Germany is the ideal place for you to get your master’s degree in Automotive Engineering. Each passing year, thousands of international students go to Germany to study for their automotive engineering degrees. There are several strong […]

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Entertainment Business Instructor Spotlight
Posted on Monday May 13, 2019

Winner of the 2019 Cynopsis PR Campaign at the Short Form Film Festival We’d like to send a heartfelt congratulations to one of our Entertainment Business instructors, Pam Newton, who wrote and published her first book A Candle for My Mother. The novel chronicles the journey of her mother’s desire to see the world while […]

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Film & Game Releases: Week of May 17
Posted on Monday May 13, 2019

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF May 17, 2019! From John Wick: Chapter 3 to The Sun is also a Star, here is a schedule of the films and games coming out soon! Film Release Schedule A Dog’s Journey Synopsis from The story of one devoted dog who finds the […]

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A Message from the Director of Penguin Highway
Posted on Saturday May 11, 2019

Hiroyasu Ishida visited LAFS and delivered this special message We have a TON of fun events on campus every week. Be sure to visit our Events Page to find out more about screenings and director visits like this one! The post A Message from the Director of Penguin Highway appeared first on The Los Angeles […]

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