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Q-Learning Agents, Part 1
Posted on Friday October 05, 2018

Machine Learning provides us an interesting way to solve special kinds of problems. If you’re just playing around, you may see that creating a good problem to work with can be a lot of work on its own. OpenAI gym has recognized this challenge and provided a great solution. They have created a whole collection […]

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What’s New and Good This October in Entertainment
Posted on Thursday October 04, 2018

CORRALLING WHAT’S NEW AND GOOD EACH MONTH IN ENTERTAINMENT NEWS (AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN) October is ripe with classic horror movies, scary soundtracks and, of course, Michael Jackson’s Thriller. As a film and recording school, we celebrate this month wholly. From fright nights, movie screenings and horror film releases, we’re here to let you know […]

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10 Secrets For Taking Incredible iPhone Travel Photos
Posted on Tuesday October 09, 2018

Are you planning a vacation and wondering what camera to take? If you’re thinking of carrying bulky camera equipment, you should reconsider! Whether you’re planning a weekend city break, a family vacation or a round the world adventure, your iPhone is the perfect camera for your trip. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten ways to guarantee success with your […]

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apabila ente mencari perusahaan tour and travel terbesar online, kalian bakal mendapatkan variasi spesial dari antaran wisata. selain itu, terdapat les online, yang amat terengkuh. kamu bisa mendapatkan uang di internet beroperasi di rumah dan juga amat bisa mendatangkan banyakk uang bila kalian bertugas keras, selalu fokus dan juga mengeksekusi. jikalau ente tidak sanggup mendeteksi rincian menge

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