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Fixing pending comments issue
Wednesday November 28, 2018

WordPress comments are very reliable and it is very rare that you’ll ever see this issue on your site. But just like with all technology, things sometimes fail and then you need to debug and correct them. I searched internet and found nothing. Hopefully, some of you will find this post useful. So, one day […]

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Earth Day 2019 has passed, but we’re extending our earth-friendly efforts all week long. On Monday, we held an Earth Day event on campus to encourage the LAFS community to clean up Hollywood. Thank you to all of those who participated and showed their support for our planet. While there are many destructive factors that contribute to climate change, plastic pollution is a major issue in the entertainment industry. The amount of waste and single-use plastic that contaminates our landfills is alarming. By sharing some helpful pointers to reduce waste from productions, we hope to inspire change throughout our own industry and beyond.

How to display all features in JetPack plugin
Thursday March 14, 2019

Although Jetpack is an amazing plugin with a huge list of features categorised into categories, sometimes it is very time consuming to find a particular feature in JetPack’s standard set of categories. Sometimes you just can not find the feature that you’re looking for. You may also want to check what new feature has been […]

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Every day should be #EarthDay, but today is the day that we officially celebrate our dear planet! Excess waste is far too common in the entertainment industry. So let’s talk about crafty and meal service waste during events, production shoots and on film sets. On our Instagram stories you can see the amount of plastic that accumulated from ONE photo shoot with only 4 crew members. Here are 4 steps to take on your next production to ensure we are all doing our part for the ! _____
Designate someone on your production team to properly discard/recycle waste.
Obtain as accurate a head count as possible before ordering food.
Use reusable plates, cups, utensils and linens instead of disposable products.
If disposable dishes and utensils are essential, use biodegradable versions.
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TWO Giveaways: Official Rules

Scratch To Unity: Events
Thursday July 25, 2019

This post provides a handy reference guide to go from Scratch’s “Events” category of code blocks to C# with Unity. Code Blocks Click on the picture of any of these Scratch code blocks to see how to write similar code statements in C#. Most of the time, you will probably use the “Start” method as […]

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#Trashtag Contest
1. Take a photo of any trash you picked up.
2. Add it to Instagram as a post or to your story with #trashtag and @losangelesfilmschool or @larecordingschool.
3. Repeat!
Green Space Contest
1. Take a photo of your favorite green space in Hollywood.
2. Tag @losangelesfilmschool or @larecordingschool in your post.
3. Must post photo by Friday, April 26 to enter the giveaway!
A winner from each contest will be announced next week! Must be a current student or alumni of The Los Angeles Film School or The Los Angeles Recording School to participate.

Helpful Links Reduce Waste and Recycle More:
Want to start composting? Check out Compost L.A. for comprehensive information on how to compost in Los Angeles.
The Burbank Recycling Center hosts free composting workshops! The next one is this Wednesday, April 24. Sign up here.
Plastic Pollution calculator. Try it out!
The best environmental Earth Day films.
The more you know.
Let’s save our planet together!
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