20th Anniversary Alumni Spotlight: Darryl Crutchfield

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Darryl Crutchfield in Chaplin

Q-Learning Agents, Part 2
Friday October 05, 2018

Telling a computer to perform an action based on an input isn’t too hard. Teaching a computer to learn what action to take based on what it sees is a whole different challenge. Now imagine that the computer wont even know if the action is good or bad until some unknown point in the future […]

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A recent graduate shares insight on life after graduating with an associate degree in recording arts.

10 Best Cities in Germany for Work
Wednesday October 24, 2018

Germany has the fourth highest nominal GDP in the world, making it one of the most powerful economies. Traditionally, the rate of unemployment in Germany is small (around 5%). German cities boast a large number of innovative high tech companies and its fast-growing industrialization is causing an outburst in the number of available jobs. Subsequently, […]

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Meet Darryl. Aka The one-and-only Dorell. He’s a big-hearted entertainment business professional who spends his time serving the veterans’ community through a project called Saving All Kids. When he’s not working on his side projects, Darryl keeps busy with his paid internship at Roland Corporation here in Los Angeles. Watch our latest alumni spotlight on the L.A. Film School YouTube channel.
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“All my life, music, film and TV has been my escape. It was only natural to be in this business,” said Darryl.
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